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Quit bad habits today with the iQuitApp

We all have habits and/or addictions we want to quit. iQuit is a free app that helps you stop problem habits by rewarding your progress and giving real-time updates on how much money you've saved, time stopped and days left til your reward.

A specific iQuitSmoking version is now available for Android - click here. Alternatively you might want to try the Alcohol Unit Calculator to see how much you drink.

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iQuit helps you quit problem habits by giving you a goal to aim for and sending you regular progress updates on the money you've saved. It doesn't matter the problem - if it costs you money, iQuit can help you stop.

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Set a goal and reward yourself!

While addictions and habits can be problematic enough, they're also usually expensive. Smoking, drinking, gambling, drugs . . . none of them are cheap. iQuit helps you break addiction by setting you rewards for quitting. You choose the goal you're working towards - a holiday, a car, laptop etc. You set the price and picture and the app automatically counts down to your goal offsetting the money you would have spent if you hadn't quit.

iQuitApp: Improving your life, rewarding your abstinence.

iQuit regularly updates you on your progress

While iQuit counts down toward your goal, it also adds up the money you're saving and sends you regular notifications. When you reach your goal, the app notifies you to reward yourself by spending the money on something more sensible.

iQuit regularly updates you on money saved

Your goal is obviously your ultimate aim but iQuit also sends you regular updates to keep you engaged. These are pre-programmed milestones based on your currency. So, if you're in the UK and smoke 20 cigarettes per day at £9.50 per pack, iQuit will alert you on day six to let you know you've saved £50. There are few more positive motivators than money.

iQuit updates you on how long you've been quit

iQuit will also send you regular notifications letting you know the length of time you've been quit. Time quit coupled with money saved provides a great motivation for beating addiction.



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iQuit helps you break addictions by giving you time and money-based notifications to alert you of your progress. The app also counts down to your reward giving you a greater incentive to stay quit. Install the free app and get started today.

iQuit-App is available free of charge now on the App Store and Google Play!

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